--- Training ---


Since our foundation, we have offered young people a training as we think that every company bears a social responsibility. Of course, it is also important for us to employ well-trained junior staff.

Our trainees acquire extensive theoretical and practical knowledge through professional and diversified training as well as the specific exam preparation by our trainers. For many years now, we have offered our trainees a good start into professional life.

During their training, our trainees are involved in ongoing customer projects. This makes the training exciting and versatile. In exchange, we expect commitment and the initiative to bring in new ideas. We expect applicants to have completed their education and to combine interest in the manufacturing of metal parts and the enthusiasm for modern processing machines.



Our training's success speaks for itself:

  • 2022 II. Landessiegerin Feinwerkmechanikerin
  • 2022 Kammersiegerin Feinwerkmechanikerin
  • 2020 III. Landessieger Feinwerkmechaniker
  • 2020 Kammersieger Feinwerkmechaniker
  • 2020 III. Landessieger Mechatroniker
  • 2020 Kammersieger Mechatroniker
  • 2018 Landessieger Feinwerkmechaniker
  • 2018 Kammersieger Feinwerkmechaniker
  • 2013 Metall-Innungs-Sieger Oberland, Feinwerkmechaniker
  • 2013 III. Kammersieger, beim Leistungswettbewerb des Deutschen Handwerks
  • 2012 Metall-Innungs-Sieger Oberland, Feinwerkmechaniker
  • 2012 Kammersieger, Zerspanungsmechaniker, Fachrichtung Drehtechnik
  • 2008 Metall-Innungs-Sieger Oberland, Feinwerkmechaniker
  • 2007 I. Kammersieger, Feinwerkmechaniker
  • 2005 Landessieger der Handwerksjugend Bayern, Maschinenbaumechaniker